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Our school philosophy is to teach dance in a positive environment with an emphasis on the development of creativity, self-expression, self-achievement, self-confidence and FUN! A smile on the faces of our dancers is our true goal!

Please see below for class descriptions. 

Shake, Rattle & Roll

2.5-3.5 yrs

This class introduces the children to the basic ballet positions, gallops, and turns. The class consists of a full dance warm-up, stretches, dance games, across the floor, ribbons, scarves, hula hoops,  music interpretation, imagination, role playing and balance techniques.

Family Dance

1-3 yrs

An interactive class combining basic dance & rhythm using musical instruments, hoops, ribbons and scarves. Children receive a playful introduction to dance while working on basic hand-eye coordination, balance, and exploring their creativity and self-expression.

Twinkle Toes & Feel The Rhythm

3.5-5 (ages vary)

Elaborating on the previous level, dancers will focus on mastering all 5 positions, gallops, jumps and turns. Combinations are more complex and proper techniques in body movement are emphasized.

Into The Groove


This class is structured with variety in mind. Children get a taste of the beginner levels of ballet, tap and jazz, with a focus on understanding rhythm, musical expression, choreography and learning through word association on basic dance steps

Tip Tap Toes

Ages Vary/Class


Building on the basic tap steps learned, this class goes further in depth on uniformity in choreography and rhythm. Incorporating both jazz and tap, students achieve a better understanding of dancing as a group, as well as self-expression with the skills they have been practicing.

Groove Glee Club

Ages Vary/Class

This new amazing vocal and musical theatre program will include learning songs and dances from the hit show "Glee", all the hottest broadway musicals and the newest pop hits! This program will be taught by a professional vocal coach and will include vocal & dance warm ups. It is also great for audition preparation for plays!

Uptown Funk

Tap/Hip Hop
Ages Vary/Class

This class goes deeper into the techniques for both tap and hip-hop fundamentals. Teaching on more complex group combinations and creativity through innovative, trendy dance moves gives children a fun and energetic way to express themselves through dance and music.

Jr. Hip Hoppers

Hip Hop/Jazz

4-6 yrs

This class provides the basics in both jazz and hip-hop. Using up-beat music and infusing basic hip-hop styles including popping, locking, slides, jumps and poses, this class encourages students to have fun with movement and performance, while gaining basic technique and improving group presentation.

Feelin' Groovy

Jazz/Hip Hop
Ages Vary/Class

This class is an exciting way for students to gain greater knowledge of beginner urban hip-hop fundamentals. Instructing on different hip-hop styles and expanding on footwork, group presentation and cohesiveness, and well-structured routines allows students to expand on their own creative ability

Mini Breakerz I

Hip Hop/Break

This class provides an intro to break-dance and hip hop skills. Children learn top rock, basic 6 step, floor balance and intro to popping. This playful, upbeat class incorporates group routines as well as encouraging individuality in creative movement.

Mini Breakerz II

Hip Hop/Break

This class continues work on the development standard break-dance and hip hop skills, while combining floor moves, intro to poses and freezes, hip hop isolations and popping. Children learn to create more intricate group routines with a focus on performance.

Groove Breakerz

Hip Hop/Break
Ages Vary/Class

Focused technique of isolations and fluid connection of break-dance skills. Continued progression of holds, freezes, acrobatic skills and popping &
locking. Greater focus on more advanced hip hop combinations, fusion styles and street choreography.

Flip Stix

Hip Hop/Acro
Ages Vary/Class

Tumbling, floor routines and acrobatics are used in intricately choreographed routines to challenge children on dancing as a group, perfecting rhythm and timing, and performing with proper technique

Funky Town

Hip Hop
Ages Vary/Class

This class focuses solely on hip-hop, incorporating street style, popping, locking, krumping, slides and footwork. Performance is key; intricately choreographed routines and group presentation are central to this class. This class also includes a competitive component, where dancers compete in at least 1 competition throughout the year. A great work-out and a challenge for teens to express themselves through the latest music and style.


Hip Hop/Acro/Cheer
Ages Vary/Class

Using acrobatics, the latest music, and energetic hip-hop basics this class is aimed at strengthening flexibility, agility, and creative movement. Fundamental jazz techniques are touched on while expanding on basic gymnastic concepts and infusing fun urban choreography. Student swill work on vocal cheers as well as dance routines with pom poms. Basic partner work and simple pyramids round off this new exciting class.

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